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amanda is the principle designer and owner of petite design based in oakville, on. as a young girl amanda was heavily influenced and inspired by many art forms. whether it was watching endless episodes of fashion television, sneaking into her brothers room to listen to his vinyl collection, dancing, or creating pieces of art. amanda was and still is fascinated and curious about art and the world around her.


a decade ago she began her career in hospitality design. she transitioned to residential design after seeing countless friends and family members overwhelmed by the design process. they sought her advice on where to begin and how to bring their vision to life. amanda has since made a successful mark for herself, with multiple clients and collaborating with other designers and industry professionals to bring her passion to life in every project she undertakes.

in a world where trends are constantly changing, people often get overwhelmed and easily swayed from their personal style. amanda prides herself in helping her clients uncover their design aesthetic and ensures it is a large part of the finished product.


amanda brings a well-balanced mix of modern, classic and contemporary design styles to her interiors. she is inspired by neutral colour palettes and brings them to life through the use of texture, pattern and natural elements while maintaining her client’s style and personality throughout the space. she thrives on bringing this eclectic mix of inspiration into her client’s spaces and mixing it with their design personality.


interior spaces must first and foremost be functional. we need to understand how people live and operate within their space, only then can we create a design and inject the client’s personality which will ensure the final design has character and ultimately result in a timeless interior


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